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15 Aug 2014
Ever wondered why we cannot go on a diet? I did and I learned that if we change our thinking, changing just a few habits and 'get real' about what it is to lose weight, the sooner we can achieve great results. I hope these few 'truths' and tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

Want a quick fix If you are like me, then you would be the happiest person if I could lose weight overnight. You are ready to try anything that promises quick results. Unfortunately, there is no quick miracle solution (for now). Therefore, we are realistic and admit that the only way to lose weight is by changing our habits. Social activities connected to the power Cannot seem to catch up with friends and family without having something to eat. The fact is that our lives revolve around food.

So unless you become a couch potato, you will continue to socialize around food. Try to choose places where you have the option to order healthy and low-calorie meals. In the work functions where you cannot choose what you eat, make sure you're not standing next to the food table. Try to engage in conversation and forget about the food.


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